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The City of La Crosse Wisconsin
Tuesday, November 24th - 8:08 PM
The City of La Crosse Wisconsin

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Where do I get birth, death, and marriage certificates?
These certificates are issued by La Crosse County, not the City of La Crosse. To request a copy of these certificates, visit the County Register of Deeds in the La Crosse County Administrative Building located at 400 4th St. N. or call (608) 785-9644.County Register of Deeds

City Clerk

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1. Where do I get birth, death, and marriage certificates?
2. Better Business Bureau
3. Chamber of Commerce
4. Coulee Region Humane Society
5. Driver's License/ID's/Title Transfers
6. Farmers Market
7. Housing Authority
8. Job Service
9. La Crosse Area Convention/Visitors Bureau
10. Landlord/Tenant Issues
11. Marriage License
12. Parking Utility (Handicap Parking Permits)
13. Passports
14. Post Office
15. Public Service Commission
16. Social Security Cards
17. Work Permits

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