An Assessment of Fair Housing

The City of La Crosse in collaboration with regional housing authorities, is requesting proposals from qualified firms with expertise in regional assessment of fair housing to lead the process of completing the HUD Assessment of Fair Housing. This regional analysis will include La Crosse County WI, Houston County MN (La Crescent Area), and Monroe County (Sparta and Tomah). The deadline to respond is January 19, 2018.

RFP for Assessment of Fair Housing (Issued 11/27/2017)

Amendment to RFP for Assessment of Fair Housing (Issued 1/8/2018)

1/12/2018 Question: What is the budget range for this AFH project?
Answer: Preferably less than $45,000. If this is not feasible, higher amounts will be considered.   

Issue Request for Proposals November 27, 2017
Responses Due - Consultant Completes Detailed Project Plan January 19, 2018
Evaluation/Presentation/Select firm by February 1, 2018
Finalize contract with firm February 2018
Contract to Community Development Committee March 2018

Use of Assessment Tool & AFH Interface -
Consultant follows instructions of the assessment tool & uploads
all sections of the Parties AFH through User Interface for online 
submission to HUD

Start date no later than May 2018
Consultation Meetings May-September 2018
Community Meetings and Public Hearing May-October 2018
Project Website - Creates and Updates Website May 2018-March 2019
Assessment of Past Goals and Actions May-June 2018
Fair Housing Analysis - local and HUD provided data analysis May-June 2018
Identifying Fair Housing Contributing Factors May 2018-August 2018
Draft Presentation and Submission to Consulting Parties by September 1, 2018
Staff Review September 2018
45 day Public Comment Period September 17-November 1
Respond to Public Comments and Incorporate into Plan by November 5, 2018
Presentations & acceptance of AFH through City Councils/PHA Boards    November 8, 2018
Submit regional AFH to HUD office(s) by November 9, 2018
HUD request for revisions by January 9, 2019
Response to HUD by February 23, 2019