Trucked Waste

The City’s wastewater treatment plant currently does have capacity to accept and treat trucked waste from sources such as grease traps, holding tanks and septic tanks.

Waste haulers must have required current certification/license from the DNR, as well as the annual permit used by the City of La Crosse.

In addition to a fixed charge per load of waste, disposal charges also apply based on the strength of the waste.  Current rates for trucked waste disposal are shown here.  Waste haulers are required to provide information describing the waste type and quantity FOR EVERY LOAD OF MATERIAL.  Wastewater plant staff may also require analytical results, describing the make-up of the waste BEFORE the material will be accepted.

Waste from campers and recreational vehicles is not accepted as trucked waste. As part of their travel arrangements, travelers should contact campgrounds to confirm that these facilities are licensed and have the facilities to accept these wastes.

Trucked waste is accepted at the wastewater plant during normal office business hours:  Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM.