Conditional Use Permit 

The Common Council may authorize the Division of Fire Prevention and Building Safety to issue a Conditional Use Permit for conditional uses after review in a public hearing provided that such conditional uses and structures are in accordance with the purpose and intent of this Ordinance and are found to be not hazardous, harmful, offensive or otherwise adverse to the environment or the value of the neighboring community.

Apply for a Conditional Use Permit

Applications must be filed with the City Clerk on forms provided by the City.  Applications filed by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the second Thursday of the month will be submitted to and considered by the Common Council the following month at its regular scheduled meeting.  (View instructions for late filing.)  Applications will not be considered until the following month due to publication and property owner notification requirements.

Applications for Conditional Use Permits shall be routed to the City Plan Commission, Judiciary & Administration Committee (public hearing) and Common Council for consideration and final determination.

Download Application

Filing Fee
$300.00 (cash or check payable to City Treasurer)

How to File an Objection
Any Objection to a conditional use permit application shall be submitted to the City Clerk.

More Information
For more information pertaining to this permit, refer to 115-342 of the Municipal Code.

If you have questions, call the City Clerk's Office at (608) 789-7510.