Petition for Amendment to Zoning

Whenever the public necessity, convenience, general welfare or good zoning practice require, the Common Council may, by ordinance, change or supplement the regulation established by Chapter 115 or amendments thereto.  Such changes or amendments shall be subject to the review and recommendation of the City Plan Commission.

A change or amendment may be initiated by the Common Council, City Plan Commission or by a petition of one or more of the owners or lessees of property within the area proposed to be changed.

How to File a Petition
Petitions for any change to the district boundaries or amendments to the regulations shall be filed with the City Clerk on forms provided by the City.  Petitions filed by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the second Thursday of the month will be submitted to and considered by the Common Council at its regular scheduled meeting the following month.  (View instructions for late filings.)  Petitions will not be considered until the following month due to publication and property owner notification requirements.

Petitions for Amendment to Zoning shall be routed to the City Plan Commission, Judiciary & Administration Committee (public hearing) and Common Council for consideration and final determination.

Download Petition.

Filing Fee
$450.00 (cash or check payable to City Treasurer).

How to File an Objection
Any Objection to a petition shall by submitted to the City Clerk.

In the event of a protest against such district change or amendment to the regulations of this Chapter, duly signed and acknowledged by 20 percent or more either of the areas of land included in such proposed amendment, or by the owners of 20 percent or more of the area of the land immediately adjacent extending 200 feet therefore, excluding right of way, or by the owners of 20 percent or more of the land directly opposite thereto extending 100 feet from the street frontage of such opposite land, such changes or amendments shall not become effective except by the favorable vote of three-fourths (3/4ths) of the full Common Council membership. 

More Information
For more information, refer to 115-83 of the Municipal Code.

If you have questions, contact the City Clerk's Office at (608) 789-7510.