Planned Development District and Traditional Neighborhood District

Planned Development District
The Planned Development District is intended to permit developments that will, over a period of time, be enhanced by coordinated area site planning, diversified location of structures and/or mixing of compatible uses. 

This is a zoning district that may be developed only in accordance with a specific comprehensive development plan.  The approved specific comprehensive development plan is an integral part of this zoning district and all development shall comply with said plan.  The Planned Development District is designed and intended to enable and encourage the development of large tracts of land or urban infill sites which are planned under unified ownership or control, or lands which by reason of existing or planned land uses are appropriate for development under this section, so as to achieve land development patterns which will maintain and enhance the physical, social and economic values of an area.

The unified and planned development of a site under a specific comprehensive development plan in an individual, single entity, partnership or corporate ownership or control or in common ownership under the Condominium Ownership Act set forth in Chapter 703 of Wisconsin Statutes (condominiums) may be permitted by the City upon specific petition, with such development encompassing one (1) or more principal uses or structures and related accessory uses or structures when all regulations and standards as set forth in this section of the ordinance have been met.

Traditional Neighborhood Development
Proposed developments contemplated by an applicant to include design features described as “traditional neighborhood development” in Wisconsin Statutes sec. 66.1027(1)(c) (1999-2000 Statutes) may be considered for approval at locations determined appropriate by the City under this section, including appropriate conditions.

How To File a Petition
Petitions shall be filed with the City Clerk, on forms provided by the City no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding the regularly scheduled Council meeting.  (Note:  It is not necessary to file the additional 10 copies of the petition as indicated in 115-156(e)(2).)

Download Petition.

In no event shall any petition be filed later than noon on Wednesday preceding the regularly scheduled Council meeting. View instructions on late filings.

Filing Fee
$700 (cash or check payable to City Treasurer).

How to File an Objection
Any Objection to a petition shall be submitted to the City Clerk.

In the event of a protest against such district change or amendment to the regulations of this Chapter, duly signed and acknowledged by twenty per cent (20%) or more of the property owners within said rezoning or two hundred (200) feet radius, excluding right-of-way, such changes or amendments shall not become effective except by the favorable vote of three-fourths of the full Common Council membership. 

More Information
For more information, refer to 115-156 (Planned Development) and/or 115-403 (Traditional Neighborhood) of the Municipal Code.

If you have questions, call the City Clerk's Office at (608) 789-7510.