Q: When does my citation have to be paid by?

A: If you are not contesting your citation, please send payment by your court date. If that is not feasible,    the court office will hold your citation open for one week past your court date, then find you guilty by default and send you a notice to pay by the due date on the notice (within 60 days.)

Q: Do I have to come to court to contest my citation?

A: Yes. You will enter your plea in front of the judge and then have the opportunity to have a pre-trial conference with the city attorney. In most cases, cases can be resolved that same day. The prosecutor may find it necessary to continue your case or, where a resolution cannot be reached, will set your case for trial at a later date.  If you’re not able to appear in court to contest your citation, call the court office for further instructions – an exception may be made, depending on your circumstances.

Q: Can I reschedule my court date?

A: Yes – in most cases. Initial appearances can be rescheduled by calling the court office, as long as you have not already been convicted. If you are ordered to appear in court because of delinquent payments, your court date cannot be rescheduled.

Q: Do I need to hire an attorney to represent me?

A: No, it is not necessary to hire an attorney to represent you. If you do chose to hire an attorney, your attorney may represent you at your initial appearance and/or trial. Court staff cannot give legal advice!

Q: Does Municipal Court offer public defenders?

A: No. Citations handled in Municipal Court are not “criminal” charges, therefore public defenders are not available.

Q: Is this on my record?

A: The citation and report are kept in the Municipal Court office, and the Police Department.  Traffic convictions and underage alcohol violations are also reported to the Wisconsin D.O.T. to be entered on your driving record.  We do not publish our records online or to any other media.  They are open records.  If any person would like the records, they would need to contact our office or the police department directly.

Q: Can I take a class to get my underage drinking violation dismissed?

A: No.  We are aware that other local courts may do this, we do not.