Specialized Service for Disabled Persons

To meet the special needs of persons with disabilities and to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, MTU, operates lift-equipped buses on its regular fixed route system. It also provides ADA Paratransit Service. Disabled persons who, by reason of their disability cannot get to a bus stop from their home, from the bus stop to their destination, or who require more assistance in using transit service than that provided by a driver operating a lift-equipped MTU bus, may qualify for ADA Paratransit Service. This service operates on a "demand response" basis with advance reservations made the day before transportation is needed. MTU contracts with a private provider to operate this service, which is available during the same hours and days as bus schedule.

Only those persons specifically certified by reason of their disability may use this service. Call the MTU office at (608) 789-7350 for more information on ADA Paratransit Service or to request an application form for certification.

TTY USERS: MTU encourages the use of the Wisconsin Relay System. This system usesCommunication Assistants to voice everything typed by the TTY user and type everything said by the telephone user for the TTY user to read. To use this service please callTTY/VCO/HCO at 1-800-947-3529.

Additional improvements will continue to be made to further improve transit service for the disabled.