Exchanges, Additional Cart Information, City-Serviced Information


Only the owner of the property may request an exchange through the City of La Crosse Refuse & Recycling Department.  For any exchange requests, the property owner will be charged a service fee of $20 per address for the exchange of cart(s). If within 30-days the property owner changes their mind, they can swap back to their original size cart for no fee. Any changes requested after that initial 30-days would be charged another service fee.

Cart exchanges can be made for a size from larger to smaller or smaller to larger. Exchanges for carts of the same size will not be allowed. Cart serial numbers are prefixed by the #95, #65, or #35, which refers to the size of your cart.

Once an exchange request is approved by the Refuse & Recycling Department, you will be contacted by Harter’s for payment of service fee and to arrange an exchange time.

Selecting Carts (For Newly Built Homes)

City-serviced single family homes, duplexes, twindos, and condos (not exceeding eight bedrooms per dwelling) will be able to select one cart for refuse and one cart for recycling for each address on the parcel.

City-serviced triplexes through eightplexes (not exceeding eight bedrooms per dwelling) may choose three carts for refuse and three carts for recycling in any combination.

When picking a cart size, keep in mind the large amount of items that can now be recycled and that recycling carts are only collected every other week.


Additional or Missing Carts

Properties are limited to one cart for refuse and one cart for recycling.

To request a second cart:

You will be asked if you are following all refuse and recycling rules.
If you are not currently using a 95-gallon cart, you’ll need to do a cart exchange (see above).

Property owner would pay the initial $20 service fee for the exchange.  Within a couple of collection cycles (30-days), if you still need an additional cart, you can make your request the Recycling Department and if approved by BPW you would not be billed an additional $20 service fee.

If you wait longer than 30-days to request an additional cart, you would be billed another $20 service fee for the delivery of said cart.

If you are currently using the 95-gallon carts, and you are approved by BPW there will be a service fee of $20 for the delivery of the additional cart(s).

To report a missing cart:

If your carts are missing, check the surrounding area for the serial #’s assigned to your address. Call Harter's to see if they have a record of your carts being scanned at another location. If you are still unable to find your cart(s), please complete an incident report and wait to be contacted by the Recycling Coordinator. If carts are not found, there will be an $85 fee per cart to replace them.

Contact Information

Refuse & Recycling Department
2000 Marco Dr  La Crosse, WI

Harter's Quick Clean-Up
2850 Larson St  La Crosse, WI