FAQs - Refuse & Recycling

I have a medical / physical disability or I'm elderly.  I don't think I will be able to roll a large cart.

You don't lift the cart; you tip it slightly and roll it.  The carts are very stable and roll very easily.

There will be a service known as 'Handicapped, Elderly or Medically Disabled' (HEMD) available.  A person would have to request a certification of the disability from their doctor and submit it to the Department of Public Works.  Once approved, the garbage truck driver would walk to the cart, wheel it to the collection point, dump it and then wheel it back to the storage location.  The cart has to be outside and visible to the driver from the street or alley.

If I have a large item or appliance to dispose of, do I have to call the City's hauler?

No, a resident can call any hauler that they wish.  The disposal fees for large items and appliances for the City's hauler, Harter's, will be posted on the City's web page, and are open to the public.

What about billing for yard waste or large item collection?

Bills will be sent directly from the hauler to those residents using yard waste services, large item or appliance disposal.

How much will I be charged?

Please see the Large Item link located under the Collection Information page on the City's webpage or call Harter's. 

When will my large item or appliance be picked up?

Residents can pay a fee and make arrangements for pick-up with Harter's Quick Clean-up.  Harter's would inform the City in advance so we know who has paid for the disposal and when collection will be.  Those items or appliances can then be placed where ever the resident's regular 'point of collection' is.

Residents that choose to call a different hauler can arrange large item or appliance pick-up for a fee, at an agreed upon time.  items disposed of in the manner cannot be placed at the regular 'point of collection.'  The item has to remain closer to the house or garage and the hauler would have to get it.

I heard the City will no longer collect yard waste with the regularly scheduled collection.  Is this true?

Residents who want their yard waste (primarily grass clippings) picked up at the curb or alley should contact Harter's Quick Clean-Up to set up Subscription Service.

Residents can also use Isle La Plume, the city's yard waste drop-off site, from spring through fall for the disposal of yard waste, grass clippings, leaves and brush.  Residents have to bring yard waste materials to the site themselves.  There is currently no fee for the use of the yard waste drop-off site.

What time do I need to have my carts at the curb or alley?

Carts must be placed out by 5 A.M. on your day of collection and should be returned to the storage location within 24 hours of collection.

When will my refuse / recyclables be collected?

The current collection schedule will not change.  Refuse will continue to be collected weekly and recyclables will continue to be collected every two weeks.

Do I have to put my cart out for collection if it isn't full?

No.  Waiting until the cart is full to place it for collection helps minimize costs.

May I use anything other than the carts for garbage or recycling collection?

No.  All waste and recyclables must be placed in the carts.  Any trash outside the cart will not be collected.

Can I take the carts with me if I move?

No.  Carts are assigned by serial # to the address and must stay at the property.

How do I keep track of my new carts?  Can I mark them in any way?

You can keep track of  your cart by the serial # that is clearly visible on the front of the cart.  Cart serial numbers are prefixed by the #95, #65 or #35, which refers to the size of your cart.  

Any permanent markings on the cart would be considered graffiti and the property owner would have to remove the graffiti before exchanging the cart or they would be billed accordingly.

I've heard that the City is going to start sending us bills every month for garbage and recycling services?

Billing residents for refuse or recycling services is not part of the current contract.

Don't I already pay for that on my taxes?

Yes, refuse and recycling services are currently part of the tax bills.

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