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  • See Construction of Sewers, Water Main Construction documents, as well as other relevant sections on the first screen. Click on the drop down box to see Standard Construction Details, which includes the Sewer Details and Water Main Details.

Plumbing Permits

No plumbing work shall be installed without a permit from the Fire Department - Division of Fire Prevention and Building Safety, except that no plumbing permit is required for repairing faucets, valves, pipes and appliances nor for removing stoppages in waste and drain pipes.

Any plumbing work installed without a permit may be ordered removed and replaced by the City Plumbing Inspector. The applicant for a plumbing permit shall file with the Fire Department - Division of Fire Prevention and Building Safety the application and plans showing the work to be done. Plans shall be required for all buildings, including multifamily dwellings, and shall show all drainage, vent piping and water distribution systems in detail. Upon approval thereof and payment of the permit fees, a permit shall be issued.

No permit shall be granted except to a Wisconsin licensed master plumber, master plumber-restricted or utility contractor.   

Any of the following projects require a plumbing permit:

          • Connect to an existing water or sewer service 
          • Install a new water or sewer service 
          • Repair/Replace a water or sewer service 
          • Repair/Replace/Install internal plumbing

Plumbing Permit applications can be downloaded and printed online or obtained from the Building Prevention & Building Safety Department located at 400 La Crosse Street, 3rd Floor. A licensed plumber signature is required on plumbing permits. For new or replacement services, the property owner or authorized agent must also sign permit application. If you have questions regarding plumbing permit applications, call (608) 789-7530.

Please make sure all applications and fees are submitted before beginning work. Failure to do so may result in the permit fees being doubled where work is commenced before a permit is issues.  Other penalties provided by La Crosse Municipal Code may also be invoked. 


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Locating & Operating the Water Service Curb Box

Plumbers and/or property owners should contact us at (608) 789-7536 before operating the curb box.  We will mark the box and make sure it is working correctly. 

Locate and Check Policy

Diggers Hotline

Call Diggers Hotline® a minimum of three working days before starting any outdoor construction or home improvement project that requires digging. They can help identify costly and dangerous utilities that can be buried just inches beneath your yard's surface.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can call 1-800-242-8511 or file a request with Diggers Hotline online by clicking here