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Currently, the City of La Crosse does allow construction and operation of private wells within City limits.  The usual use of these wells is related to cooling systems but there are a few private systems that are still in-use for potable water serving residential properties.

Municipal Code Section 46-41. – Private Well abandonment and well operation policy describes current local requirements for private wells.  The purpose of this Ordinance is to prevent groundwater contamination and protect public health and welfare by assuring that unused, unsafe, or non-complying private wells or private wells which may act as conduits for contamination of groundwater or wells which may be illegally cross-connected to the municipal water system, are properly maintained of abandoned. The ordinance requires that most active private wells be permitted and that inactive private wells properly abandoned. The requirement applies to wells located in the City of La Crosse or on premises served by the La Crosse Water Utility. 

Generally, a private well must be permitted unless:

  • It is a residential well used for potable water and the property is not also connected to the municipal water system; or
  • Water from the private well does not enter any building that is also connected to the municipal water system. 

Please call the La Crosse Utilities Office with questions at (608) 789-7536

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Please contact the La Crosse County Health Department at (608) 785-9872.


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