Tax Incremental Financing


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is the principle economic tool, approved by the State of Wisconsin, that communities use to stimulate development/redevelopment. TIF funds originate from the tax money generated from an improvement or development greater than the tax generated by the site before the development. This tax increment money is then allocated to the City for its use in making infrastructure improvements in the Tax Increment District (TID) during the life of the District. At the end of the TID term, all of the taxes are again paid to the regular taxing bodies but at a much higher assessed valuation than would have been possible without the TID. 

The City of La Crosse has established 16 Tax Incremental Districts, of which, 11 districts are currently open.  In recent years TIF has leveraged such developments as Kwik Trip expansions, Gundersen expansions, Logistic Health I, II, & III, downtown parking ramps, the Airport Industrial Park and Terminal, International Business Park, as well as Downtown and Neighborhood Revitalization projects.

TID 101 Presentation

TID 2017 Ehlers Report


For more information on specific Tax Incremental Districts, see below links: 

TID 6: City Vision Downtown 

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TID 13: Kwik Trip

TID 14: Gundersen Lutheran

TID 15: Chart

TID 16: LIPCO/Trane Plant 6

TID 17: Lot C Downtown