The Mayor's Home Energy Challenge is a great opportunity for improving your home and making an even bigger impact by saving energy together with your neighbors and friends. 

The City is offering a $500 grant to the first 100 homeowners that complete their assessment and home improvements, *As of June 11, 2019 we still have spots available* so we would encourage you to sign up. We anticipate that not all people that sign up will complete our program.

Additionally, homeowners who sign up for the challenge but do not have access to the City grant, will still have access to Focus on Energy and Xcel Energy incentives, which are significant. Up to $3200 for non-income qualified participants (Tier 1) and up to $3600 in incentives for income-qualified participants (Tier 2). City staff are also available to guide all participants who sign up through the process.

To get started, call the City of La Crosse at 608.789.7513

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