Fire Safety Programs

The La Crosse Fire Department has a wide variety of Fire Safety programs that are available for instruction or demonstration.  

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Captain of Inspection - Kyle Soden

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Campus Fire Safety

Like 75% of all college students, chances are that you live off campus in an apartment, house, other rental property or Greek housing – places where most fatal college-related fires occur. These fires are very similar to other residential fires that claim lives every day in the U.S. Since January 2000, 89 young adults have died and many more have been injured in on- and off-campus fires. Knowing the risks today could help keep you and your friends safer tomorrow.

Annually, there are approximately 1,700 documented fires in college dormitories, classroom buildings and fraternities and sororities.
Please understand your fire safety responsibilities especially away at college.

Leading Causes of College Building Fires
1. Arson - accounts for 1/6 of fires
2. Cooking
3. Smoking

In comparison, smoking is the number one cause of fatal fires in society, in general.

Public Education Seminars 

Fire Safety House

La Crosse firefighters visited nineteen area schools, reaching more than 3,700 children from preschool to fifth grade. Elementary school children receive our fire safety program for seven consecutive years.  Each year’s program builds on the previous year’s program and centers around; don’t ever touch matches or lighters, test your smoke detectors, stay low and go, make a family escape plan with a meeting place outside and practice it, get out and stay out, stop drop and roll, and sleep with your bedroom door closed. The La Crosse Fire Department believes that fire prevention begins at the elementary school level, and during the last two decades La Crosse has seen a decline in juvenile related fires.

Kitchen Safety

The LCFD is one of the first departments to have a kitchen fire safety trailer in the State of Wisconsin. Cooking fires continue to be the leading cause of residential fires and the leading cause of fire related injuries. Through public education LCFD hopes to see a decrease in cooking fires and injuries. The safety trailer will be used to show live fire demonstrations to the public on the proper way to extinguish a cooking fire. Instructors can also demonstrate improper techniques, such as using water to extinguish a grease fire. The trailer is available for a variety of community events.  

Fire Extinguisher Training 

The La Crosse Fire Department offers a class on use and operation of fire extinguishers. The class includes lecture, demonstrations, and hands on training. It is a great opportunity to learn the basics of fire extinguishers and practice on a real fire.