Housing Rehabilitation

The City of La Crosse's Housing Rehabilitation Program is now accepting applications. Please complete and return this pre-application to be considered for the program. If you have questions or concerns, please call (608) 789-7513 or email housingrepair@cityoflacrosse.org.

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You can receive up to $35,000 to repair items such as roofing, siding, windows, electrical and more. This total loan amount is subject to the project’s “hard” costs (general repairs, not to exceed $25,000) and “soft” costs (addressing lead hazards, not to exceed $10,000). The City of La Crosse offers a 1% deferred loan. You make no payments until the property is sold or no longer your place of residence. You must be a City of La Crosse resident, meet income requirements, own and have equity in your home. Households above the income requirements may qualify if they live in low-income neighborhoods. This program may be combined with any other program.

Program Eligibility

 To be eligible to participate in the City's Housing Rehabilitation Program you must: 

1. be a City of La Crosse resident 
2. have all mortgage and real estate tax payments paid up to date 
3. meet the Program's asset and income eligibility limits.


Income eligibility is determined by the number of residents in your home and the household's gross yearly income. Gross income is defined as any money you and members of your household receive before taxes are deducted. This includes work, overtime, social security, pensions, rental income, public assistance, estate or trust income, educational grants paid directly to the individual, and any other income. To be eligible for the Program your household income must be less than the maximum income limits listed below.

Please note there are higher income limits for applicants in our Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas (NRSA). Please visit www.cityoflacrosse.org/housingrehabnrsa to view the income limits and maps.  

2019 Income Limits Number of Residents
$44,050 1
$50,350 2
$56,650 3
$62,900 4
$67,950 5
$73,000 6
$78,000 7
$83,050 8

Note: If your income is close to the limit, check with the Housing Rehabilitation Program staff since the income limits change periodically.

What Repairs Can Be Made?

Basic components of your home that can be repaired or replaced may include items such as: roofing, siding, foundation, windows and doors, painting, interior walls and ceilings, flooring, and heating, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems. All areas of the home must be up to code and meet the Minimum Housing Quality Standards set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Contracting for Work

The homeowner is responsible for the solicitation and selection of all contractors. Electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning work must be done by City of La Crosse licensed contractors and all contractors must be insured. 

Deferred Payment Loans

The Deferred Payment Loan allows you to delay loan repayment until the property is sold, is transferred in any manner, or is no longer considered to be your principal place of residence. You have the option of pre-paying all or part of the loan without penalty.  The loan limit varies from house to house. All The current interest rate is 1% simple interest per year. All loans are acted upon by the Housing Rehabilitation Review Board which is comprised of five Council members.

Fair Housing

The Housing Rehabilitation Program conforms with the City of La Crosse's Fair Housing Ordinance (Section 7.03(J), Municipal Code). 

More Information

If you think you may qualify or would like additional information, please contact the Housing Rehabilitation Program at (608) 789-7513. You can also complete and return this pre-application to determine eligibility. to view the Housing Rehabilitation Program Guidelines click here


Please also consider these other organizations that can assist with emergency home repairs, rehabilitation and weatherization.  

La Crosse County Rehabilitation Assistance Continuum

Couleecap Rehab and Affordable Housing Program: (608) 796-9262  Couleecap Rental Rehab Program: (608) 782-5520
Habitat Critical Home Repair: (608)785-2373, x7004  RSVP Handyman Program: (608)-785-0500
Couleecap Weatherization: (866) 904-4508  Emergency Furnace: (608) 785-6001