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The City of La Crosse Wisconsin
Saturday, February 6th - 11:32 PM
The City of La Crosse Wisconsin

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Bicycle Pedestrian Plan 2012

We would like to thank all of you who participated in the creation of the Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan for the City of La Crosse. The final version of the plan was approved with strong support.  The Master Plan can be viewed by clicking the link below.

    Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
The City of La Crosse created a new Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan that will vastly improve the bicycle and pedestrian transportation network throughout the City of La Crosse and move the City to a Gold designation as established by the League of American Bicyclists.  

The City has previously prepared a Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Plan which contains a great deal of information regarding pedestrian infrastructure.  The last city-specific bicycle plan was completed in 1976.  The La Crosse Area Planning Committee recently completed a regional bicycle plan, which has great detail for the City as well as tying the City to a larger vision of a bicycle friendly region.  However, the regional plan only speaks to bicycling, and this City effort is to be a combination of both bicycling and walking.

The City applied for, and was awarded, a Federal Transportation Enhancement Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to finance 80% of the cost.  The remaining 20% is being financed with Federal Funds from the Community Development Block Grant Program.

A Steering Committee was formed to assist in the preparation of the plan and to broaden community involvement. The Steering Committee consists of individuals who either work with bicycle and pedestrian issues, are part of an organization that is involved with bicycling and pedestrian activities, or is a private citizen who actively bikes or walks.  The Steering Committee members were:

  • Matt Gallagher, City Traffic Engineer
  • Jackie Eastwood, La Crosse Area Planning Committee-Transportation Planner
  • Ed West, Bike to Work Week Committee Member
  • Ginny Loehr, La Crosse County Safe Routes to School Coordinator
  • Jack Zabrowski, La Crosse County Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
  • Marvin Wanders, Silent Sports Group Board Member
  • Ross Seymour, Citizen Member
  • Steve Carlyon, City of La Crosse Parks and Recreation Director
  • Tim Keneipp, Citizen Member

The Steering Committee, along with the City Planning Department prepared and transmitted a Request for Proposals to consultants with a specific expertise in the preparation of bicycle-pedestrian master plans.  Four proposals were submitted and the Steering Committee selected TY Lin International, based out of Chicago, as the most qualified consultant team primarily for their extensive national experience with Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning.  TY Lin International has also subcontracted with a more local firm, Yaggy Colby Associates, to handle any immediate research or field work that would be needed.

Approval of the Final Plan: November, 2012 Common Council Cycle.

Public Meetings/Workshops/Field Work Information

September 6, 2012 - September 7, 2012
(Public Participation Meeting - Steering Committee #5)


June 4, 2012 - June 5, 2012

(Public Participation Meeting, Steering Committee #4)

April 12, 2012 - April 17, 2012
(Field Work, Bike Tour/Workshop, Pedestrian Workshop, Steering Committee Mtg #3)

  • Steering Committee Meeting #3 Agenda

February 14, 2012 Steering Committee Meeting #2

December 4, 2011- December 9, 2011
(Field Work, Vision Statement, Stakeholder Interviews, & Steering Comm Mtg #1)

If you have any comments/concerns/questions, please don't hesitate to contact Tim Acklin at the City Planning Department:

Tim Acklin
400 La Crosse Street
La Crosse, WI

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