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The City of La Crosse Wisconsin
Monday, February 8th - 12:37 PM
The City of La Crosse Wisconsin

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Legal Resources

Below is a list of common legal resources, as the City Attorney's Office is unable to give legal advice to the public.

Municipal Prosecutor
The Municipal Prosecutor prosecutes municipal ordinances under the City Code. You may reach the Legal Department at (608) 789-7511.

County of La Crosse
For issues related to the County please contact the appropriate department or visit
  • District Attorney: (608) 785-9604 - Prosecutes criminal matters under state statutes.
  • Clerk of Circuit Court: (608) 785-9573
  • Sheriff: (608) 785-9629
  • Register of Deeds: (608) 785-9644
  • Register in Probate: (608) 785-9882 - Manages wills and estates.

Wisconsin State Public Defender
The Public Defender handles criminal matters for indigent defendants. You may reach the Public Defender at (608) 785-9531.

Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
For information regarding consumer protection issues, visit
DATCP or call 1-800-422-7128.

Tenant Resource Center
Provides free counseling for tenants and landlords interested in learning more about their rental rights and responsibilities. For more information, visit
Tenant Resource Center or call 1-877-238-7368.

Wisconsin Department of Justice
The Department of Justice website provides information about public services and interests. For more information visit the
Department of Justice or call (608) 266-1221.

Lawyer Referral and Information Services
Find the name of a lawyer in your geographic area who accepts cases in the area of law you need. For more information, visit
Legal Explorer or call 1-800-362-9082.

Legal Action of Wisconsin - La Crosse Office
Legal Action of Wisconsin provides free civil legal services to low-income persons and senior citizens in the areas of housing, public benefits, family law, jobs, and economic development and education. For more information, visit
Badger Law or call (608) 785-2809.

Wisconsin Statutes
View a searchable database of
Wisconsin Statutes.

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