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The City of La Crosse Wisconsin
Tuesday, February 9th - 11:48 AM
The City of La Crosse Wisconsin

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Stormwater Utility

Photo of storm drain pipeThe management of stormwater runoff is one of the "unseen" services the City of La Crosse provides its residents. Stormwater is a major municipal infrastructure, on par with transportation, water supply, and wastewater collection as a municipal necessity. The City is responsible for collecting, treating, storing, conveying, and discharging rainfall and snowmelt runoff (stormwater) in a manner that is safe for the public and the environment.

In August 2009, the City conducted a study regarding the feasibility of a Stormwater Utility. The report from that study is now available.

Stormwater Utility General Information

Stormwater Utility Credit Information

Stormwater Utility Credit Workshop (5 Videos)

MS4 Permit Information

Contact Information

Stormwater Topic Contact 
Credit Applications

Yuri Nasonov
Engineer I
(608) 789-7594

Utility Billing Utilities Office
(608) 789-7536
Erosion Problems  Buildings & Inspections Dept.
(608) 789-7530
General Questions 

Robert Haines
Asst. Director of Public Works
(608) 789-7572

Illegal Dumping  Mark Johnson
Utilities Manager
(608) 789-7588
Storm Sewer Maint.  Sewer Utility Office
(608) 789-7330
Impervious Area Changes Yuri Nasonov
Engineer I
(608) 789-7594

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