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The City of La Crosse Wisconsin
Wednesday, February 10th - 3:55 PM
The City of La Crosse Wisconsin

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Elected Officials

The elected officials who work for the City of La Crosse are voted into office by the citizens of La Crosse.

  • Common Council
    The Common Council is comprised of seventeen council members who are elected by district and the Mayor who is elected at large. All Common Council members serve four-year terms. Council elections are staggered so that every other April, in the odd years, one-half of the Common Council seats are up for election.

  • Mayor
    At the head of the city government is the Mayor. The Mayor is elected every four years by you, the voters. The Mayor is always listening to what the people have to say and is ready to serve you!

  • City Clerk
    Another integral part of the City Government is the City Clerk. The City Clerk serves the public by providing legal notice and support of public meetings, preservation of and open access to public records, issuing municipal licenses, administering municipal elections, and maintaining the City Seal and Municipal Code.

  • Municipal Judge
    The Municipal Judge is the "City's Judge" who is elected to a four-year term and presides over all of the cases that involve violations of City of La Crosse code of ordinances.

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La Crosse
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