Lots for Sale:

Interested in building a new home close to downtown, jobs, and great schools? The City of La Crosse has lots available for sale to developers and homeowners interested in building a new home in the City. All lots are available for the construction of single family owner occupied homes.  For more information please contact Dawn Reinhart, reinhartda@cityoflacrosse.org or 608-789-7360.

  • Guidelines on purchasing a vacant lot please click here.
  • Single Family design standards please click here.


Promise eligible lots for sale: 

The lots listed below are La Crosse Promise eligible. La Crosse Promise provides scholarships to families that renovate or build a home in select neighborhoods. Developers building in a Promise eligible neighborhood may be eligible to obtain a scholarship for the future homeowner. Please see La Crosse Promise for more information. The properties listed below maybe eligible for the La Crosse County Neighborhood Revitalization Program

922 Adams Street- PRICE REDUCTION!! $6,300: **Details**

Lot for sale for the construction of a single family owner occupied home. The lot is 26 ft x 144 ft. Please review the City's single family design standards and guidelines on purchasing a vacant lot (documents located above). Contact Fire Prevention & Building Safety (608-789-7530) for information regarding front, side, and rear yard set back requirements. 

915 5th Ave S- PRICE REDUCTION!! $14,000: **Details**

Rare opportunity to construct a brand new single family owner occupied home in the Washburn Neighborhood. This lot is located across the street from a redevelopment project that will feature a brand new single family owner occupied home and three owner occupied twin home structures (6 units). The lot is 60 ft x 140 ft +/- . Please review the City's single family design standards and guidelines on purchasing a vacant lot (documents located above).

911 5th Ave S- $42,900:  **Details**


Are you interested in renovating a home?  This property is listed for sale with the caveat that the buyer performs the repairs the City identified on the scope of work, click here to obtain a copy of the scope of work. The City and the Purchaser reserve the right to modify the scope of work as part of negotiating the sale of the property. The City may also consider offers to demolish the existing structure.

Home is being sold with an owner occupied deed restriction. The person performing the renovations is not required to occupy the home but must sell the property upon completion of the renovations to a person who will occupy the home. The sale of the property is subject to the buyer signing a Real Estate Purchase Agreement (Renovate).   

Important information regarding submission of an offer to purchase:

Offers must be approved by the Community Development Committee (CDC), the CDC meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Offers to purchase must be submitted by the 1st Tuesday to be considered for approval. *If an offer has already been received and accepted by the Committee and the lot has been advertised for 14 days, no more additional offers will be accepted. 

For more information on the steps to purchase a City lot please contact Dawn Reinhart, reinhartda@cityoflacrosse.org or 608-789-7360.  To obtain guidelines on purchasing a vacant city lot,click here