10/1/2018 - Voters Urged to Register to Vote or Update their Voter Registration Now

CITY OF LA CROSSE, WI – City of La Crosse Clerk Teri Lehrke urges local voters to make sure they are properly registered for the November 6 General Election.

“If you take just a few minutes to go online to the state’s website, you can make sure you are registered to vote at your current address, said Lehrke.

“If you are not registered or need to update your name or address, you may process your voter registration online.”  If you have a valid, unexpired Wisconsin Driver License or Wisconsin ID, and your address on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles matches the address at which you are registering to vote, you may register to vote online at

If the DMV does not have your current address on file, you can update your address on the DMV website before registering to vote online at

Lehrke said, “A person may register to vote in person, by mail, or on Election Day.  However, the online voter registration system streamlines voter registration and creates efficiencies for both the clerks and voters.”  When a voter uses the online voter registration system, if the information the voter enters on MyVote matches the information on file with the Wisconsin DMV, the voter will be able to register to vote online, and will not need to print, mail or sign their registration form or provide proof of residence.  The system’s confirmation that the individual holds a valid Wisconsin Driver License or State ID card satisfies the proof of residence requirement.  If they are unable to make a match with WI DMV, they still have the option to print, sign and deliver their registration form to their clerk along with proof of residence.

“If you don’t have Internet access, just give my office a call at 608-789-7510 or stop by the office at 400 La Crosse St., and we will be happy to help you.”