6/10/2019 - RFP - Update to the Safe Routes to School Plan

This Request for Proposal to prepare an update to the City of La Crosse’s Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Plan.  The plan will support a revision and renewal of a twelve year old strategic implementation plan for the City of La Crosse’s Safe Routes to School program that represents twenty-one schools.  MSA Professional Services, a consultant, authored the original plan in 2007, which was funded through the Community Development Block Grant program.

The existing plan needs to be updated with the following: 1) The majority of the work from 2007 plan has been implemented via collaboration between the City of La Crosse and the La Crosse County Health Department (LCHD).  2) Bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure has evolved nationwide, with new design guidance, technology and research findings supplanting the recommendations from 2007. 3) Since the original plan, state budgets and transportation policies have changed significantly, especially regarding Complete Streets projects and funding options. 4) Major transportation plans for the La Crosse region have changed the landscape, including a newly created City of La Crosse Streets and Highways Transportation Vision, and the still-uncompleted WISDOT Coulee Region Transportation Plan. 5) Nationwide trends in bicycle and pedestrian crash rates are increasingly evident in our region. 6) Currently SRTS has expanded from just three schools in the city of La Crosse to twenty-one schools.  Twelve years after the first plan was developed, much has changed.


City of La Crosse Safe Routes to School Update Request for Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions, regarding the SRTS RFP (Questions asked via email inquiry: answers are in red text)

  1. Is the plan update intended to be formatted similarly as the 2007 plan, with recommendations at the city-wide scale, as well as separate recommendations for each of the 22 schools?  The format can and should be updated from 2007.  We would like city-wide as well as school specific recommendations for the 22 individual schools to be included in the plan.
  2. Is there leeway in the structuring of the meetings/public engagement plan? For instance, scheduling smaller meetings with individual school administrators, etc. to perform walk audits or group observations at individual schools in preparation for a larger kick-off meeting?  Previous plans, 2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan had scheduled numerous focus groups with community groups, this is a good model for engagement.
  3. Is the SRTS Steering Committee already established? Has this group been meeting regularly to implement the 2007 plan? The SRTS Steering Committee is being established and should be appointed before October.
  4. Can the City or the School District provide current GIS data (crash data, student addresses, etc.) to the consultant team?  Yes, the City can provide GIS data and assist with querying state databases for current crash statistics.
  5. Have parent surveys and hand-tallies been regularly administered over the years, or will new surveys and data need to be collected as part of the project scope?  La Crosse County SRTS has current survey data collected but not analyzed. 
  6. Is it assumed that a licensed engineer (State of WI) is required for the project team?  As projects are scoped and cost estimates created for projects surrounding schools (as in previous 2007 plan) an Engineer may be necessary for completion and compliance.
  7. Is the intention to only have one meeting with the Steering Committee? Or are meetings 1 and 2 (as listed in the RFP) with the same group? The consultant will have 3-4 meetings with the steering committee, one meeting will be an interview, one meeting will be the kick-off and two more meetings to follow.  Meeting 1 from the RFP will be primarily for the steering committee other community stakeholders will be invited to attend. Meeting 2 from the RFP looks for creativity from the consultant for novel means of engagement with stakeholders.  These meetings can be in conjunction with other field work visits.
  8. Are meetings 3, 4, and 5 intended to be scheduled at the end of the project when the plan is finalized? If so, is there a timeframe within which these three presentations need to take place? Is it possible to make all three presentations during one trip to La Crosse? The school board presentation should come before the final draft is submitted to allow to for integration of feedback.  The City of La Crosse Common Council should take place after the final submission.  The La Crosse Area Planning Committee presentation can take place if possible in conjunction with other site visits.
  9. Finally, can you confirm the project budget? From what we can tell, 58K was approved for the planning effort.  We have been advised by the funder of the project to not list the total budget for the project, as it is a competitive bidding process.
  10. The RFP references that the existing SRTS plan was authored in 2007. In searching for the plan online (link here:, we find the existing plan cover is dated “October 6, 2011”. Is this the same plan the RFP references, or is the plan online already an update of the original? The original plan was authored in 2007, in 2011 the SRTS plan was expanded to include more schools.  This 2011 version is the one available on our website.
  11. The RFP asks for Resumes and References of primary staff, does this mean the City would prefer references for each resume listed? Or 3-4 total references for previous work?  Three to four total references for all staff combined should be sufficient
  12. The RFP states to include general administrative costs, does this mean we need to include our direct rates, overhead rate and profit?  Please include an hourly rate per person working on the project, total proposed hours per person, overhead, fixed fee, and direct expenses, profit can be omitted.  

Question and comments can be directed to: Jack Zabrowski at 608-789-8676