Park Shelter Reservations

2019 Park Shelter Reservation Dates and Times
Park shelters are available May 1, 2019 through October 13, 2019. You may start your reservation as early as 8:00am and must be out by 10:30pm. All City of La Crosse Park hours are 6:00am – 11:00pm daily.

Shelters/Facilities marked with (*) are not available to reserve online.

Notes About Shelter Reservations

  • Proof of Residency  Be prepared to show your driver's license.

  • Household Entry/Verification  All household contact information will be entered/verified in our new system.

  • Reservations  Please be prepared with your choice of dates and facilities when making reservations. Have a second and third option ready.

  • Fundraising in City Parks & Facilities  Hosting a fundraising event open to the public in a City Park or City Facility? Then Park Board approval is needed! All events raising money or charging a participant fee for events or programs are required to get Park Board approval to use a City Park, park shelter or park facility. It is mandatory to submit a letter of request to Christa Gerloff at least 2 weeks prior to the Park Board meeting in order to be considered for that month’s meeting agenda. The letter of request should include the following information: contact name, phone and email; as well as the organization’s name and mailing address; event name; first and second choice of event dates and times; requested park, shelter, facility and/or trail(s); and a brief description of the event. Don’t wait until the last minute…we recommend attending a Park Board meeting at least 3 months or more prior to your event!

  • Payment  All shelters must be paid in full at the time of reservation. We accept cash, checks made payable to City Treasurer, or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover).

  • Pets in Parks Policy  Pets are allowed in city parks as long as city ordinance 10.03 (K) is followed. Pets must display current rabies tags and current registration tags. All pets must be on a leash (8-foot max) and remain on sidewalks or designated walkways. Please pick up after your pet! Visit Houska Dog Park (100 Houska Park Dr.) a five acre off-leash, fully fenced-in roaming area for your dogs to enjoy.

  • Receipt Review  Please review your receipt to ensure all information is correct.

  • Facility Refund Policy  Reservation fees are non-refundable. If you must cancel or change the date of your reservation please call 608.789.7557.

  • Want to reserve online? Click here.

Shelters Available

Shelter Capacity Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
Badger/Hickey 25 $85/day $128/day
Black River Beach Pavilion-North 40 $35/hr or $175day $53/hr or $263/day 
Black River Beach Pavilion-South 40 $35/hr or $175day $53/hr or $263 day 
Bluffview Park Shelter 40 $85/day $128/day
Cameron Park* 300 $70/day $105/day
Cameron Park Market Canopy* 33 stalls $115/day  $173/day 
Chad Erickson Memorial Pavilion 25   $85/day $128/day 
Copeland Enclosed 75 $85/day  $128/day
Copeland Oktoberfest 300 $150/day $225/day
Copeland Ball Field*  3000 $100/game $150/game
Grandad Bluff (2hr limit; Weddings only)* 100 $125/hr $188/hr
Houska Park 100 $85/day $128/day
International Garden Gazebo 75 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
International Garden Russian Besedka 15 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
International German Garden 50 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
Jay Street Pier 50 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
Leuth 25 $85/day $128/day
Myrick Gun Club 40 $85/day $128/day
Myrick Main (entire shelter) 300 $150/day $225/day
Pettibone Gazebo 100 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
Pettibone Lagoon Pavillion 25 $85/day $128/day
Red Cloud 50 $85/day $128/day
Riverside Bandshell * Available upon project completion 300 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675day
Riverside Fountain Area * Available upon project completion 300 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
Riverside Levee Area 300 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
Riverside South 300 $75/hour or $450/day $113/hour or $675/day
Springbrook Park 30 $85/day $128/day
Trail Fee for Walk/Runs* N/A $60/day $90/day