La Crosse Skate Park

La Crosse Skate Park is located in Leuth Park at 1200 La Crosse Street. The Skate Park was opened and dedicated in September, 1999. Since that time, thousands of participants have enjoyed this facility, which is the largest of its type in the State of Wisconsin.

Daily 6:00AM - 10:30PM
Note: The facility is lighted during the evening hours.

The entire Skate Park encompasses approximately 21,000 square feet and includes the following elements:

  •  Large quarter pipe
  • Pyramid
  • Wall ride
  • Quarter pipe wall ride
  • Pool
  • Secondary stage
  • Multi-level stage
  • 14' half pipe

Participants must wear safety gear while on the half pipe. The facility is unsupervised (parents/guardians are encouraged to oversee their children.) One final point to remember: The La Crosse Skate Park is not designated to provide an area for youth or adults to learn how to skate or board. An individual must generally be proficient before participating in the activities at this park.

The Skate Park is located near Leuth Park,