Local Register of Historic Places

Nomination Form for designation on the Local Register of Historic Places

Criteria for designation on the Local Register of Historic Places:

For purposes of this article, a historic structure or historic site designation may be placed on any site, natural or improved, including any building, improvement or structure located thereon, or any area of particular historic, architectural or cultural significance to the City of La Crosse such as historic structures or sites which:
(1)Exemplify or reflect the broad cultural, political, economic or social history of the nation, State or community;
(2)Are identified with historic personages or with important events in national, State or local history;
(3)Embody the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type or specimen, inherently valuable for a study of a period, style, method of construction, or of indigenous materials or craftsmanship; or
(4)Are representative of the notable work of a master builder, designer or architect whose individual genius influenced such master's age.



Designated Sites


Date Designated

 Adam/Minnie Kroner House
 947 Division St  12/18/2003
 Albert Sanford House
 119 S 17th St  01/21/1999
 Anderson (Dr. Wendell A.) Home
 924 Cass St  
 August L. Grams House
 1429 Main St  
 Batavian Bank Building
 319 Main St  
 Bentley-Wheeler House
 950 Cass St  
 Mississippi River  
 Bodega Brew Pub
 122 4th St S  
 Brick Streets
 20th St between Main St and Cass St, S 17th Pl between Main St and Cass St  
 Buildings and Structures Within Riverside Park
 Riverside Park  
 Burgermeister Building
 323-325 Pearl St  
 Burton House
 1018 Cass St  
 Callahan Home
 933 Rose St  
 Calvin Manuel/George Metzger House
 1025 Main St  
 Chambers-Markle Farmstead
 6104 State Road 35  
 Charles Segelke House 
 504 5th Ave  
 Christ Episcopal Church
 831 Main St  
 Church (Villas on Cass)
 1601 Cass St  
 City Cast Iron Drinking Fountains
 Colman-Skaff House
 207 West Ave  
 Concordia Ballroom Hall
 1129 La Crosse St  
 Copeland Park
 Rose St and Copeland Ave  
 Copeland Park Area Boathouses
 Black River  
 Cyphus Martindale House
 714 Cass St  
 Dr. H.H. Chase Bungalow
 221 S 11th St  
 Dr. R.M.I. Kinnear House
 222 S 10th St  
 Easton/Copeland House
 1327 Cass St  
 Erik Rynning House
 1418 Charles St  
 Frank P Hixon Home
 1431 King St  
 Frank/Alice Kendhammer House (Lustron Home)
 751 N 22nd St  
 Fred Kroner Hardware Company
 300 S 3rd St  
 Fred Kroner House
 923 Cameron St  
 George and Belle Burton House
 1428 Main St  
 George H. Ray House
 928 King St  
 George Zeisler Building
 201 Pearl St  
 German Reformed Church
 901 S 4th St  
 Grand Crossing Tower/Railroad Car
 Copeland Park  
 Grand Hotel Commercial Block
 205-209 Pearl St  
 Heideman House
 823 Adams St  
 Heileman City Brewery Beer Stube
 1000 S 3rd St  
 Heileman House
 925 S 3rd St  
 Henry Salzer Home
 1634 King St  
 Henry Wohlhunter Bungalow
 223 S 11th St  
 Hixon House
 429 N 7th St  
 Holley House
 230 N 8th St  
 Hollywood Theatre
 123 5th Ave S  
 Isaac Tuteur-Steinam-Powell House
 101 S 9th St  
 J.B. Cantebury Building
 531-535 Main St  
 Jacobus House
 608 N 6th St  
 James Foundry
 100 King St  
 Joseph P Funke Candy Co
 101 State St  
 JP Strasser's Tavern
 1310 Denton St  
 Anderson House
 1141 & 1147 Main St  
 La Crosse Normal School
 1725 State St  
 Leo Schroeder House
 930 6th St S  
 Losey Memorial Arch
 1407 La Crosse St  
 Magill Brothers Building
 800 Rose St  
 Masonic Temple
 724 Main St  
 McMillan Building
 401 Main St  
 L.E. Meason House
 208 9th St S  
 Milford E. Mosher House
 1028 7th St S  
 Milwaukee Road Passenger Depot
 601 Andrews St  
 Mons Anderson House
 410 Cass St  
 Myrick Park
 2001 La Crosse St  
 N. Withee House
 112-114 S 10th St  
 North Community Public Library
 1552 Kane St  
 Original Bishop's House
 608 S 11th St  
 Original YMCA Building
 629 Main St  
 Ott Pure Oil Station
 4th and Cass St  
 Pamperin Cigar Company Building
 113 S 2nd St  
 Percley Bentley House
 938 Cass St  
 Pettibone Beach House
 1002 Pettibone Dr N  
 Pettibone Gazebo
 1006 Pettibone Dr S  
 Pettibone House
 143 8th St S  
 Portion of South Façade of Rubber Mills
 1407 St Andrew St  
 Pump House
 119 King St  
 Ranum-Nelson House
 1132 Rose St  
 Rediske Cobble Shop
 6th and Badger Streets  
 Riverside Park 
 Levee Park  
 Rivoli Theater
 117 N 4th St  
 Rubber Mills Building
 1407 St Andrew St  
 S.S. Burton House
 929 King St  
 Salzer Memorial Church
 525 S 7th St  
 Schintgen Building
 225-227 N 3rd St  
 Scott House 
 1721 King St  
 St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church
 716 Copeland Ave  
 Stephen Gantert House
 1304 Main St  
 Levi Strauss/Merrik P. Wing House
 1004-1006 Main St  
 T.H. Spence House
 920 King St  
 Holway House
 1419 Cass St  
 Torrance House
 214/216 S 8th St  
 Uhl Row Houses (Not Extant)
 609-615 Main St  
 US Fish Control Lab
 410 E Veterans Memorial Dr  
 US Weather Bureau
 432 Cass St  
 Veterans Memorial Municipal Pool
 11 Campbell Rd  
 W. W. Crosby House
 221 10th St S  
 W.W. Withee House
 1434 Cass St  
 Washburn House
 612 Ferry St  
 Wesley United Methodist Church
 721 King St  
 William E Potter Building (façade only)
 107-109 S 3rd St  
 Wilson School House
 W5718 Highway 14/61  
 YWCA/John Rehfuss Building
 418 Main St