Powell-Poage-Hamilton Neighborhood

The Powell-Poage-Hamilton Neighborhood Association meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:45 pm at the Southside Neighborhood Center (1300 6th Street South).

A map of the Powell-Poage-Hamilton neighborhood boundaries can be viewed here.

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Agendas and Minutes:
January 2018 Agenda
November 2017 Agenda
October 2017 Agenda
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July 2017 Agenda
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May 2017 Agenda
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April 2017 Agenda
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February 2017 Agenda
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January 2017 Agenda
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November 2016 Agenda
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October 2016 Agenda
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September 2016 Agenda
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Important Documents

Contact Information

Co-Chair: Angela Manke
Co-Chair: Phil Ostrem
Secretary: Dan Manke
Treasurer: vacant

For more information or questions contact PPHNeighborhood@gmail.com

Council Members

Jessica Olson (District 8)
Phillip Ostrem (District 9)
Martin Gaul (District 11)