Bicycle Patrol

The La Crosse Police Department bicycle patrol unit has 8 bicycles and 24 trained operators.  Bicycle Patrol duties include patrol support, response to calls for service, parades and festival coverage, traffic enforcement, community policing, bicycle safety education, undercover surveillance, and much more.

Bicycle Patrol provides greater visibility in high crime areas that are more difficult to patrol by motor vehicle, including public housing, retail centers, and walking trails.  Officers have easier access to congested areas than officers in motor vehicles and cover a larger area than officers on foot.  Bicycles offer an effective approach to crime surveillance due to their decreased visibility.

The Bicycle Patrol unit maintains a strong relationship with the business community.  Patrolling core areas of La Crosse on bicycle gives members of the Bicycle Patrol unit a unique opportunity to interact with the community.  The contact these officers make with our citizens is important.  It allows the Department to meet with community members and listed to their ideas and opinions.  In return, it provides an easy means for citizens to personally meet their police force.