Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.)

The La Crosse Police Department Emergency Response Team (ERT) was formed in the spring of 1990. Currently, the ERT consists of two commanders, seventeen tactical members, and six negotiators.

The Emergency Response Team consists of officers who are highly skilled and highly motivated, who are specially trained to respond as a team to situations that are very dangerous or very unique. They are expected to maintain a high degree of skill in the use of their tactical skills, training at least 96 hours per year. They are also expected to maintain a high level of physical fitness being required to pass two agility tests each year. Additionally, ERT members are on-call all day, every day.

The team is assigned to respond to hostage and barricaded persons, high risk warrants and vehicle stops, civil disturbances, natural and/or man-made disasters, and dignitary protection. The team’s Crisis Negotiators assist in peaceful resolutions of very volatile situations.