K-9 Zaback


Handler:  Officer Trenton Bowe

Sworn:  August 2013

Specialization:  Narcotics Detection, Tracking & Apprehension, Protection

Throughout 2012, the La Crosse Police Department waged a fierce battle against the influx of narcotics into the La Crosse Community, most notably heroin. It was due to this struggle that the Department sought a third drug detection canine with the intention of having one K-9 working each of the three shifts. With unanimous Common Council approval, and a generous donation by the Valley View Rotary Club, the Department sought the next canine handler.

In early 2013, with several well-qualified candidates identified, Officer Trenton Bowe was selected for the position. Then, after a long search, the new canine was found and introduced to the department in August. Zaback, an AKC German Shepard, came to the department from Germany.  Officer Bowe and K-9 Zaback serve on Day Shift Patrol are certified annually by the United States Police Canine Association.