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The City of La Crosse Wisconsin
Monday, February 8th - 11:31 PM
The City of La Crosse Wisconsin

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If searching by SUBJECT ADDRESS be aware that when including street names that they are in the following format: ADDRESS NUMBER STREET NAME (DIRECTION).

For example: "123 4th St. North" would be entered into the search like: '123 4th St N'
Notice that there is no punctuation on the ST part of the address. If you include punctuation (for example: ST.) you will not return any records.

If you do not know the entire address, you can enter just the street number and you'll get a list of every address that matches that number. For example if you entered just "123" into the search, you'll get all properties that contain 123 in their address.

If searching by OWNER NAME you can search in either LAST NAME FIRST NAME or FIRST NAME LAST NAME formats.

For Example: you could enter "Smith James" or "James Smith" in either case, James Smith's records would appear.

If searching by PARCEL ID you can enter an entire ID in the format: 12-23456-789 (with the dashes). You can also just type in a partial parcel ID and the closest Parcel IDs to that ID will display.

Disclaimer: This property search is for research purposes, we, the City of La Crosse, are not responsible for the completeness or correctness of the data displayed on this website. Any questions, please call the Assessor's office at 608.789.7525

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