Percley Bentley House

938 Cass St | Locally Designated 12/16/2004

Local Register of Historic Places Nomination Form
Notice of Designation of Historic Structure

2015- "The Smith/Bentley House is an excellent example of a mid-19th century vernacular two-story, wood frame residence. The Upright and Wing form of this modest residence was very popular in the mid-1800s and can be seen in many of the historic La Crosse neighborhoods. The street-facing section of the house is two stories high with an east-west single-story wing. The otherwise plain exterior is ornamented by decorative scrollwork in the gable end and a rounded entry with transom window. The Smith/Bentley House has been completely restored and is now a guest house for the Bentley-Wheeler Bed and Breakfast." -"La Crosse, Wisconsin: 10th & Cass Residential Historic District Tour", Prepared by Eric J. Wheeler, (2015).
-(Historical notes from the Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory)

This site is located within the 10th and Cass Street Residential Historic District.