Stephen Gantert House

1304 Main St | Locally Designated 06/16/2005

Local Register of Historic Places Nomination Form
Notice of Designation of Historic Structure

West side cross gable with a three-sided gable roof projecting from the facade; three-story round shingle-covered tower on front west corner; balustraded front porch curved around the tower supported by four small colonettes clustered together on wooden bases with pediment over the porch entrance; full attic story with small inset round arched balcony and oriel window in gable peak; three-sided two-story bay and balcony on east side; enclosed rear porch with fluted columns placed on porch rail; stained glass, dentil trim and floral plaque ornament; elaborate chimney crowns. Designed by Stoltze and Schick, a local architectural firm, in 1891, the Gantert House is the best interpretation of the Queen Anne style in wood remaining in La Crosse. Stephen Gantert moved to La Crosse in 1857. He was born in Baden, Germany in 1833 and came to the United States in 1854. He lived in Buffalo, NY before coming to La Crosse. In 1861 he married Sophia Wagner of La Crosse. By 1890, he was a furniture dealer living at 402 S. 7th. He partnered with Rhinehart Schwarz in business, and their company lasted for ten years until Gantert worked alone. However, the change from hand-made furniture to mass-produced furniture marks the end of the local craftsman and prevented Gantert's company from surviving. In 1891, he moved to this house at the northwest corner of 13th and Main. This house was remodeled for apartments in the late 1940s. Constructed by C.A. Bartz, contractor and builder.
-(Historical notes from the Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory)

This site is located within the Cass and King Street Residential Historic District.