Riverside Park and Structures

Riverside Park Previously Leevee Park | Locally Designated 5/22/2008

Riverside Structure Nomination Form
Designation of the Structures within Riverside

Riverside Park is an example of landscape architecture by the famous architect John Nolen. Some of the original design remains.

When the waterfront was no longer needed as a transportation facility after closing the ferry in 1891, the property became a park area. The area west of the Spence Park was landfilled creating Levee Park, or Riverside Park, as it is known today. John Nolen of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the well known landscape architect, was hired to create a park of the area, along with a city wide plan for a complete city park system. Nolen, hired by the city council, was influenced by J.M. Hixon and other city leaders.

John Nolen worked for the city of La Crosse from 1908 to 1911. Nolen designed a park system for the city. Riverside Park became the most centrally located of the Nolen Parks.
-(Historical notes from the Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory)