Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is a highly-acclaimed, evidence-based program that gives kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence.  The program involves a series of classroom lessons led by police officer that teaches children from kindergarten through 12th grade how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug- and violence-free lives.

The La Crosse D.A.R.E. program started in 1989 and is primarily funded by donations from the community.

Officer Kurt Weaver teaches at the following La Crosse schools:

  • Northside Elementary
  • Harry Spence Elementary
  • Hintgen Elementary
  • Hamilton Elementary
  • Emerson Elementary
  • Southern Bluffs Elementary
  • Cathedral
  • Blessed Sacrament Elementary
  • North Woods Elementary
  • Coulee Montessori
  • School of Technology & Arts (SOTA)

The D.A.R.E. curricula administered to La Crosse schools is as follows:

Kindergarten Stranger Danger
1st Grade Safe to Taste/Not Safe to Taste (Mr. Yuck)
2nd Grade Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle 
5th Grade Core Curriculum with graduation ceremony
7th Grade Lessons on drugs, alcohol, local and state laws


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Officer Kurt Weaver
Special Operations - DARE/Admin Officer
Office: (608) 789-7280