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During the Mayor's Home Energy Challenge, you can receive combined incentives from the City of La Crosse and our partners, Focus on Energy and Xcel Energy up to $4,100. Focus on Energy and Xcel Energy incentives have two customer incentive tiers. Tier 1 (any income level) and Tier 2 (income-qualified). To see if you qualify for Tier 2 incentives see the chart below.

Here is how it works:

  1. Focus on Energy offers air sealing and insulation incentives for energy reduction of 10-30% or more,
  2. Xcel Energy matches Focus on Energy's incentive amount up to 60%, and the
  3. City of La Crosse contributes an additional $500.

All together these incentives may cover a large portion of your improvement cost. Please note the Focus on Energy and Xcel Energy incentives combined cannot exceed 90% of the total project cost (see the incentive breakdown example table below).

Incentive Example

Focus on Energy and Xcel Energy also offer incentives for heating and cooling improvements such as replacing your old or inefficient furnace and boiler.

Even if you aren't able to access the City's grant (as we will run out of funds after 100 homeowners), you are still eligible to access great incentives. See chart below for the rewards you are eligible for if you sign up under the challenge but aren't one of the first 100. The cost of the energy assessment is still the same as above.


Whole Home Path
Tier 1* Tier 2*
Air Sealing and Insulation FOE Xcel Energy** Total FOE Xcel Energy** Total
10-19% energy reduction $850 $510 $1,360 $1,000 $600 $1,600
20-29% energy reduction $1,250 $750 $2,000 $1,500 $900 $2,400
30%+ energy reduction $2,000 $1,200 $3,200 $2,250 $1,350 $3,600

*Incentive cannot exceed 90% of project cost. Customers who complete Whole Home Improvements and Heating and Cooling Improvements together within 90 days of each other is eligible for a $250 bonus. Xcel Energy will also add-on 60% making the bonus $400. Bonus does not include smart thermostat stand-alone.

**Xcel Energy will pay their customers participating in the Whole Home Path or Heating and Cooling Path a bonus incentive equal to 60% of the Focus on Energy incentive. Customer must have Xcel Energy as their primary heating source to qualify. Propane and wood not eligible.

Note: Customer must first complete an energy assessment to qualify for air sealing and insulation incentives. Savings estimates are not a guarantee of utility bill reduction. Individual results may vary depending on a variety of factors specific to the homeowner and their home. Energy assessments may vary in scope and typically range between $200-$400 dollars. Final scope and cost often depend upon the age, size, and condition of your home. If resident qualifies for Tier 2 incentives, the assessment fee is reduced to a $50 co-pay.