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Lead Safe Homes Program

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The City of La Crosse wants to make sure your family and children are safe from the harmful effects of lead-based paint. The Lead Safe La Crosse Program is now accepting applications. Qualifying families and landlords can receive a grant* to have lead-paint work and minor repair done on their properties. If you qualify, we can conduct a free lead based paint inspection and risk assessment. If we find hazards, we can provide you with new windows, door, siding, trim, exterior & interior painting, porch repair, and home safety measures. 

*grant recorded as a 3-year forgivable loan

 For more information or questions, call Jack Zabrowski, at (608) 789 - 8676.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Home must be: 

1. Constructed prior to 1979,

2. Occupied by tenants or owner-occupants at or below 301% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines:

3. Occupied by tenants or owner-occupants who have at least one Medicaid or CHIP-eligible child under 19 years of age or pregnant women or has a child under 19 years of age or pregnant women who visits the home regularly, 

4. Current on all property taxes or have a payment plan in place, 

5. Home must be insured for a total loss, 

6. Property owner and tenant (if applicable) must both agree to participate in the program,

7. Tenants and owner-occupants may be required to relocate during the lead abatement process to protect them from exposure to lead hazards. Relocation assistance is available to properties enrolled in the program.

8. Minor repairs may be required if necessary to protect the integrity of the lead abatement work to be performed. These repairs will be covered/funded by the Grant. 

How does the program work?

The Owner AND Tenant (if applicable) must submit an application to the Lead Safe Homes Program. If the applicant is eligible for the program, the City will: 

1. Assess the property and develop a scope of work,

2. Discuss the scope of work with Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the property owner to obtain approval to send out bids to Lead Abatement Certified Contractors, 

3. Assist homeowners in bidding the project to Lead Abatement Certified Contractors, ensure contracts between homeowner and contractors are signed, 

4. Arrange to relocate the occupants of the home, 

5. Monitor lead abatement and renovations, schedule clearance inspection, pay lead Abatement Contractor and provide occupant notification of when they can reoccupy the home. 

Rental Property Owner's Responsibilities

  • Pay for 15% of the lead abatement work.
  • Maintain fair market rents* for a period of 3 years following the completion of the abatement work. 
  • Must agree to market and rent to low-income families for 3 years following the completion of the abatement work.
  • Enter into a 3-year forgivable deferred loan repayment real estate agreement.
  • Property owner and tenant must both agree to participate in the program. 

*For example, the 2020 fair market rent for a 2-bedroom: $829.00, 3-bedroom $1,152. 


 Before Exterior Before roofing

Before Doorway


After Exterior After Exterior (2)

After interior