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About La Crosse Fire Department

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Our Mission

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We promote safety, reduce risks, and respond to calls for fire suppression, emergency medical services, and all-hazards rescue.

We earn the community's trust through preparedness, professionalism, and dedication to service.

LCFD Overview

The La Crosse Fire Department is an all hazard response organization.  We have 93 full-time firefighters that rotate three 24 hour shifts and respond from four fire stations strategically located throughout the city of La Crosse.  The La Crosse Fire Department responded to 6,681 emergency calls in 2018.

The agency operates nine front line apparatus out of its four stations (Squad, Engine 1, Quint 1, Heavy Rescue, Quint 2, Rescue 2, Quint 3, Rescue 3, and Engine 4). The agency has one reserve engine.  The La Crosse Fire Department provides Fire, Rescue and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) at the EMT-Basic level as well as Paramedic Engines in partnership with Gundersen Health System.  The agency provides specialized services for hazardous materials, water rescue, dive rescue, high-angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse, and vehicle extrication. The agency is a Category 2 Hazardous Materials Team for the State of Wisconsin, serving nine counties. The Urban Search and Rescue Team  specializes in the confined space, rope rescue, trench rescue, and structural collapse. The agency provides technical rope rescues on our bluffs and water rescues in our rivers and marshes. The agency protects 23 miles of river shoreline, 1,350 acres of marsh grass, and 265 miles of biking trails.  The Tactical EMS team works in collaboration with La Crosse SWAT to provide medical care during a SWAT team response.  The Water & Dive Rescue Team provides the community with rescue and recovery capabilities in all water environments from underwater rescue/recovery, to surface and ice related emergencies. Our team is also capable of searching for, and collecting evidence as requested by the Police Department.