Gundersen Express Care

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Gundersen’s Express Care

Consider Using Convenience Clinics!

Convenience clinics such as Gundersen’s Express Care treat common ailments such as sore throat, sinus pain, rash, bladder infections, seasonal allergies just to name a few. No appointments are needed, patients are usually in and out within 20 minutes and the charges can be billed to your health plan. If Gundersen Health System is your primary network, there is no cost to you to use Express Care! If you are in the Health Traditions (Mayo Health Care-Franciscan Skemp) network, only a 20% co-insurance would apply. For example, a typical visit charge in 2017 is $64 so an out of network 20% co-insurance would only be $12.80.

Questions? Please contact Audra Bloom, Employee Benefits Coordinator at (608) 789-8310.