Neighborhood Family Clinic

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Neighborhood Family Clinic

The City of La Crosse is excited to announce that effective January 1, 2017 the City’s medical benefit plan will cover services rendered at the Neighborhood Family Clinics at no cost to covered members/dependents. Coverage is available for services covered under the medical benefit plan as defined in the City’s Master Plan Document / Summary Plan Description. Neighborhood Family Clinic:

  • Convenient hours with multiple locations
  • No cost to you for covered procedures
  • No bills, insurance forms or hassle
  • Consult with board-certified doctors, Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners
  • Your primary care physician can access your records at the Neighborhood Family Clinic if you authorize the release; or vice versa.

Applicable to: Employees & Retirees Enrolled in the Medical Benefit Plan & Your Covered Family Members (of the Employee Handbook, Library, LPPNSA, LPPSA or IAFF)


What conditions can be treated through the Neighborhood Clinics?

The Neighborhood Family Clinics offer both adult and pediatric primary care, urgent care and various preventive care services. This includes assessing, diagnosing and treating problem oriented illnesses as well as acute and chronic conditions. Examples of services available and/or conditions treated at the Neighborhood Family Clinic include:

  • Annual Physicals
  • X-ray & EKG
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood Tests
  • Hearing Tests
  • Flu Shots
  • Strep Test
  • Immunizations
  • Wound repair/sutures
  • Pregnancy tests

Conditions Treated include but not limited to:

  • Allergies
  • Injuries including cuts/sprains
  • Sinus problems
  • Hypertension and lipid control
  • Cough
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Skin Conditions
  • Diabetes management & education
  • Pink Eye
  • Cardiac disease prevention/maintenance
  • Ear Pain
  • Migraines
  • Throat Pain
  • Warts
  • Pain Relief
  • Orthotics (will be covered when medically necessary, please see the City’s Master Plan document for specific medical conditions for which this service is commonly paid)

How much will it cost to use the Neighborhood Family Clinics?

There is no cost to covered members when using the Neighborhood Family Clinics for covered services.

How do I learn more about the Neighborhood Family Clinics or make an appointment?

Visit to learn more. If you wish to schedule an appointment, the phone numbers are available on the brochure as attached or on the website. Walk-ins are accepted, however appointments are encouraged.

Do I need to present my insurance card when seeking services at the Neighborhood Family Clinic?

Yes. Using your insurance card, the Neighborhood Family Clinic will cross reference your name against a list of current covered employees, retirees and their family members. They will then direct bill the City (City’s Employee Benefits Coordinator) and services will be paid from the City’s Medical Benefit Plan.

Will I receive a copy of what services (for my care) will be billed to the City?

Generally you will not receive any statement of services that will be paid for by the City. At the time of service if you need a statement or a receipt of some kind (for example: your child’s coach wants confirmation they had their physical) you should ask for it when leaving the Clinic.

Does it matter which provider network I’m under?

No, your current network selection has no bearing on your eligibility for services at the Neighborhood Family Clinics. This benefit is available to employees and retirees and their family members who are enrolled in the medical benefit plan and who are covered under the Employee Handbook, LPPNSA, LPPSA, IAFF or Library. Should you be referred by the Neighborhood Family Clinic to another provider, the network provisions under the City’s plan would pertain.

Are there any services offered at the Neighborhood Family Clinics that would not be covered under the City plan?

Although the bulk of procedures offered at the Neighborhood Family Clinics will be covered, there are a few services that would be excluded as they are not covered under the City Medical Benefit Plan. Note the below:

  • Weight Loss (HcG Physicals, Lipotropic Program, etc.)
  • Head Start Physicals
  • DOT exam or Follow up Exam
  • B-12 Injections (vitamins)

Why should I use the Neighborhood Family Clinics?

The goal of the Neighborhood Family Clinics is to provide quality medical care at a reduced rate. Eliminating the administrative expenses associated with a visit to a doctor allows them to pass along significant savings. These savings will be experienced by both the City and by covered members.

Additional Questions?

Please contact Audra Bloom, Employee Benefits Coordinator, at (608) 789-8310 or email.