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If your case is set for trial:

First, mark the date and time of your trial on your calendar right now. If you don’t appear, you will be found guilty by a default judgment. Also, additional fees of up to $75.00 may be imposed for each police officer if you don’t appear.

Second, make sure your witnesses also appear at the trial. Notify them as soon as you know the trial date, and contact them again a few days before the trial to remind them. If necessary, a witness can be subpoenaed to testify on your behalf. If you need a subpoena, contact the Court Clerks.

If the City subpoenas a witness, other than the police officer, and if you are found guilty of the charge, a witness fee of $5.20 per witness may be added to the amount of the forfeiture. An additional fee of $.20 per mile may be added.

If you want to have the trial rescheduled, or if you change your mind and no longer want the trial, you must contact the Municipal Court office at least five (5) days in advance. In most cases, last minute requests are not granted.

The City must prove you are guilty; you do not have to prove you are innocent. The City will present its case first by calling witnesses. After each witness has testified, you may cross-examine (ask questions) the witness. Don’t argue with the witness or start telling your side of the story – ask questions. After the City has called its witnesse(s), it is your opportunity to present your case. You may testify yourself, and you may call witnesses to testify on your behalf. You may bring pictures of the area where the incident occurred if you wish. After you are done testifying, the City will have the right to ask you questions.

When all testimony is completed, the Court will render its decision.

You have the right to have an attorney with you. However, the Municipal Court does not provide court-appointed attorneys. You are responsible for obtaining an attorney and subsequently paying for his/her services.