Riverside Park Levy Addition

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Parks & Recreation Project Manager:  Jim Flottmeyer  |  608.789.7559

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1.22.2020:  The City of La Crosse Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department  has entered into an agreement with Smithgroup JJR to design an addition to the Riverside Levy in Riverside Park.  The proposal will look at an addition and the necessary planning, permitting, and engineering for construction of a cruise ship landing/port expansion along the La Crosse waterfront.  This expansion of the Riverside Levy would accommodate an additional 2 to 3 cruise vessels docking at the levy simultaneously during the boating season.  This levy will not only be a great addition to Riverside Park but will also bring additional passengers and tourists into La Crosse’s crown jewel on the river and into downtown La Crosse.  A copy of the presentation on this project can be found here.