Park & Shelter Reservation Information

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2020 Park Shelter Reservation Dates and Times

Park shelters open May 1, 2020 and are available until October 11, 2020. Reservations can begin as early as 8:00am and must end by 10:30pm. All parks in the City of La Crosse are open daily from 6:00am-11:00pm.

2020 Reservations for City of La Crosse Residents
City of La Crosse Residents can begin making 2020 reservations online beginning at 5:00am on Monday, January 6, 2020.  If you do not have an online account with us prior to December 20, 2019, you will not be able to make an online reservation until our office opens on Monday, January 6, 2020.  Walk-in reservations can be made beginning at 7:00am and call-in reservations (608.789.7533) will begin at 9:00am on Monday, January 6, 2020.  Regular Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.

2020 Reservations for Non-City of La Crosse Residents
Residents from the Towns of Shelby, Medary, Campbell, Onalaska, West Salem, Stoddard, etc. will be accepted starting on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 when the Parks, Recreation & Forestry main office opens at 8:00am.

Notes About Shelter Reservations

  • Be prepared to show your driver's license.
  • All household contact information will be entered/verified in our system.
  • Please be prepared with your choice of dates and facilities when making reservations. Have a second and third option ready.
  • All shelters must be paid in full at the time of reservation.  We accept cash, checks made payable to City Treasurer, or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover).
  • Please review your receipt to ensure all information is correct.
  • Reservation fees are non-refundable.  If you must cancel or change the date of your reservation please call 608.789.7533. 
  • For fundraising in city parks and facilities, click here.
  • For the pets in parks ordinance, click here

Want to reserve online?  Click here.
Shelters/facilities marked with (*) are not available to reserve online.
Grandad Bluff is for weddings only, with a 2 hour time limit.
Riverside Bandstand will be available beginning June 1, 2020.
Badger/Hickey Shelter will be available beginning June 1, 2020. 

Shelters & Facilities
Reservation Fee
Reservation Fee w/Resident Discount
Badger/Hickey Shelter 25 $128/day $85/day
Black River Beach Pavilion North 40 $53/hour or $263/day $35/hour or $175/day
Black River Beach Pavilion South 40 $53/hour or $263/day  $35/hour or $175/day
Bluffview Park Shelter
30  $128/day
Cameron Park*
300 $105/day
Cameron Park Market Canopy*
33 stalls $173/day
Chad Erickson Memorial Pavilion
25 $128/day
Copeland Enclosed
75 $128/day
Copeland Oktoberfest
300 $225/day
Copeland Ball Field*
3,000 $150/game  $100/game 
Grandad Bluff*
100 $188/hour
Houska Park
100 $128/day
 International Cameroon Garden 50  $113/hour or $675/day $75/hour or $450/day 
International Garden Gazebo
75 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
International German Garden
50 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
International Garden Russian Besedka
15 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
International Irish Garden
50 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
Jay Street Pier
50 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
Lueth Park
25 $128/day
Myrick Gun Club
40 $128/day
Myrick Main
300 $225/day
Pettibone Gazebo
100 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
Pettibone Lagoon Pavilion
25 $128/day
Red Cloud Shelter
50 $128/day
Riverside Bandstand
300 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
Riverside Fountain
300 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
Riverside Levee Area
300 $113/hour or $675/day
$75/hour or $450/day
Riverside North 300  $113/hour or $675/day  $75/hour or $450/day 
Springbrook Park
30 $128/day
Trail Fee for Walk/Run Events
n/a $90/day
Upper Hixon Trailhead Picnic Area
60 $53/hour or $263/day
$35/hour or $175/day