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Cooking with Chef Shawn!

Chef Shawn McManus' culinary awakening started in the Driftless area of the Midwest.  Originally from Southern California, his professional experience spans from fine dining, corporate food service, healthcare, and private chef services.  Shawn has been a professional chef for over 15 years and is also the Chef Consultant/Owner of Savory Creations LLC, a boutique cooking school in La Crosse.  Chef Shawn has made numerous television appearances including a top five spot on Spike TV’s reality cooking show, Frankenfood.  He also appeared on Wake Up Wisconsin - WKOW 27, Madison, as he earned a spot on the National Breakfast Battle Competition sponsored by Thomas English Muffins in which he made the top 135 in the nation.  His love for food, teaching, and community involvement is now shared in La Crosse.

Classic Cooking - Joy of Cooking Cookbook  (#555004-101)
Tuesday, July 21, 2020   |   1:00pm-2:30pm
South Side Neighborhood Center
Ages 18+   Min: 5   Max: 12
Registration Fee: $15;  Registration Fee w/Resident Discount: $10
**Registration Deadline: Friday, July 17, 2020** 
“Mother Sauces” have long been recognized as a foundation of classic French cooking and technique.  The Joy of Cooking has been a go-to guide for generations of cooks and professionals on these classic recipes.  Join us in learning how to make one of the favorites,  Béchamel - bāSHəˈmel.  Lecture will also cover discussion of pan sauces, cold sauces, coulis, and gastriques.  Step up your sauce game!  Menu includes: Classic Béchamel, Pan Seared Chicken Breast, Roasted Red Peppers, and Red Wine Vinegar Wilted Spinach 

Knife Skills  (#555004-103)
Tuesday, August 18, 2020   |   2:00pm-3:30pm
South Side Neighborhood Center
Ages 18+   Min: 5   Max: 8 
Registration Fee: $15;  Registration Fee w/Resident Discount: $10
**Registration Deadline: Friday, August 14, 2020** 
Knowing how to use knives skillfully is the foundation of all cooking, and does not have to be scary or frustrating.  Many home and professional cooks do not always wield a knife correctly, which increases food preparation time and makes the process harder --- and less safe --- than it should be.  Simply put, good knives are the foundation of a well-equipped kitchen.  This class remedies all these basic issues: You will learn how to slice, dice, chop, and much more in the safest and most efficient manner.  This class will even guide you through the practice of keeping your knives sharp and handling them correctly.  Menu includes: Sautéed Vegetable Arrabiata Sauce and Penne Pasta

Taste of Vietnam: Stir Fried Vegetables and “Village Life in a Young Boy’s Eyes”  

Tuesday, July 20, 2020  (#555004-104)   |   6:00pm-7:00pm   
South Side Neighborhood Center
Date & Time TBD 
New Site at 1407 St. Andrews Street (former La Crosse Footwear/Rubber Mills)
Ages 18+   Min: 5   Max: 20   
FREE   |   **Registration Deadline: One day prior to session**
Tân, a Vietnamese native, has been a Wisconsinite for the past 45 years.  Tân and his family have been to Vietnam many times in the past 16 years.  He will share with you how to immerse yourself into the Vietnamese culture and will discuss the food experiences from big cities to small villages, from restaurants to 'backyard garden to table' meals.  Would you like to know how to prepare a delicious stir fried vegetable dish?  Come and learn at our workshop!  While you are cooking the dish, Tân will share with you what a typical meal in rural Vietnam looks like, along with stories of his upbringing in the village near Da Lat, Vietnam.