Neighborhoods in La Crosse

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Neighborhood Associations and Council Districts Boundaries Map


Neighborhood Associations and Council Districts Boundaries Map

Find your Neighborhood Association on our GIS (Geographic Information Systems) map using your address! Go to, click on the search icon and type in your address. When the window opens with your parcel information, click clear; then click on the map to select your property. You will see helpful information including your neighborhood association, zoning information, your inspector and more! 

The City is very active in neighborhood planning and revitalization efforts. The City's intent in its neighborhood planning is to strengthen residential areas and to encourage people to live and to stay within the City of La Crosse. The City also hopes that stronger neighborhoods will help promote new business development and business retention.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission is to act as an advisory body to the Common Council in implementing the Comprehensive Plan (primarily the Neighborhoods and Housing Element), the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission Action Plan, and any recognized Neighborhood Association Plans. The Neighborhood Revitalization Commission's purpose is also to support and provide education to, as well as advise on policy for all of the City's neighborhoods (Section 2-552 of City of La Crosse Municipal Code of Ordinances).  For more information on the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission click here.

If you are interested in attending neighborhood meetings, or are interested in developing a neighborhood plan for you area, please contact the Planning Department at (608) 789-7512.