Commission Members
Chair: Mayor Tim Kabat
Janet Allen
Jim Bagniewski
Nora Garland
Ralph Geary
Barb Janssen
Will Kratt
Linda Lee
Steve Nicolai
Jennifer Trost
Christopher Woodard


Neighborhood Revitalization Commission

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Section 2-552 states that "the purpose of the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission is to act as an advisory body to the Common Council in implementing the Comprehensive Plan (primarily the Neighborhoods and Housing Element), the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission Action Plan, and any recognized Neighborhood Association Plans. The Neighborhood Revitalization Commission's purpose is also to support and provide education to, as well as advise on policy for all of the City's neighborhoods."


The powers and duties of the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission, as stated by Section 2-553, are:                                              

(1) Advise the Common Council on updating, maintaining, and implementing the Comprehensive Plan (primarily the Neighborhoods and Housing Element), the Neighborhood Revitalization Commission Action Plan, any Neighborhood Plans adopted by the Common Council and any special plans or reports related to neighborhoods.               

(2) Provide direction to neighborhood residents on how to advocate for neighborhood development, planning, and improvement projects.               

(3) Make recommendations to the City with regard to the capital and operating budget to identify neighborhood needs, services, rehabilitation efforts, development or capital improvements.               

(4) Advise the Council on methods to utilize available resources to meet neighborhood needs through collaboration with community groups, agencies and other cities and organizations (e.g., neighborhood clean-up programs, Neighbor Day).               

(5) Explore and advise of projects and policy affecting neighborhoods focused on housing, rehabilitation, preservation, economic development, renovation, environment, transportation, schools, libraries, parks, and community projects.               

(6) Recommend strategies to neighborhoods and provide staff with input on a variety of community projects and programs, including, without limitation:              
a. Gang and drug prevention strategies.
b. Criminal abatement strategies.
c. Code enforcement and maintenance strategies.
d. Creation of block watch programs.
e. Publication and distribution of educational materials, such as pamphlets or locally-produced PEG channel programming, including without limitation, remodeling or updating a home, landscaping and community resources.               
f. Graffiti prevention and elimination strategies.
g. Neighborhood organizing, board development and volunteer recruitment.

(7) Inform residents on how to start-up and become a recognized neighborhood association, provide organizational and technical information to strengthen existing neighborhood associations, and coordinate capacity building and technical workshops for neighborhood leaders.               

(8) Provide neighborhood leadership training and seek grant funds to engage residents and/or to physically improve neighborhoods.               

(9) Facilitate and support neighborhood-based planning and the development of neighborhood action plans that address strategic neighborhood issues.