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Please collaborate with the City of La Crosse on the creation of a Safe Routes to School plan.  Whether you’re a parent, a neighborhood resident, a teacher or a citizen interested in the future safety and livability of the city of La Crosse, we invite you to share your thoughts on our draft Safe Routes to School plan.  You can comment on the entire plan, or just the section pertaining to your neighborhood or school. Your experience, feedback and suggestions will improve this draft plan, and set priorities for the next decade or more.

How to give your feedback:

Step 1. Review the citywide Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Draft Plan.  Click the link below to access the citywide SRTS plan document.
Step 2. Review your specific neighborhood or school plan that is relevant to you from the list of links.  Click the link below to access the specific Neighborhood/School site plan documents.
Step 3. Take the survey by following the link.



La Crosse Citywide DRAFT Safe Routes to School Plan 2020


School/ Neighborhood Specific DRAFT Plans: