Police Reserve

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Reserve Law Enforcement Units are made up of persons who are interested in the welfare of the people and in the protection of property in their community. The men and women who comprise our Reserve Unit are a large part of what "Community Policing" is all about. They represent what has been referred to as "Ultimate Volunteers" who are interested in the principles of "just" and "equitable" Law Enforcement. They assist our community by providing reliable manpower to the Police Department in the performance of routine duties, emergencies, natural disasters, and special assignments.

Who are the Reserves?

  • Persons interested in law enforcement or a law enforcement career
  • Citizens who have an established career, but are interested in law enforcement
  • Those who wish to volunteer and contribute to their community
  • The Reserves are non-paid volunteers that serve the citizens of La Crosse

Why Become a Reserve Officer?

  • Allows you to explore the law enforcement career field
  • Provides a new career choice
  • The satisfaction of providing worthwhile community service
  • Learn more about the La Crosse Police Department
  • Contribute to the safety and security of our community
  • Learn a variety of new skills

How to become a Reserve Officer

Reserve Requirements

  • US citizen
  • 18 years of age
  • High school or GED graduate
  • No felony convictions
  • Good driving record
  • No drug or domestic violence convictions
  • Good moral character
  • Able to pass a background investigation


  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Be punctual to assignments
  • Participate in scheduled events to include: Traffic control; Crime scene protection; Compliance checks; Assist at local community events such as festivals, parades, marathons, sporting events; Patrol support; Crime prevention activities
  • Assist with traffic accidents, natural disasters, missing persons, information booths, community meetings, neighborhood watch, senior citizen programs
  • Attend training sessions
  • Participate in Ride-Along Program

Note: Participation in the Ride-Along Program requires a probationary period, supervisory ride-along and training in tactical handcuffing, defense and arrest tactics, firearms, and front desk duty in addition to attendance and participation requirements.


Training for Police Reserve Officers is just as important as ongoing training for our sworn police officers. Training is required before a Reserve Officer can participate in various Reserve activities. Members must complete training in the following areas: 

  • Traffic Control
  • Tactical handcuffing
  • Defense and arrest tactics
  • Firearms evaluation
  • Front desk duty
  • Duties of a Reserve Officer

Other requirements include attendance at monthly meetings and participation in scheduled activities.


To apply, download the Police Reserve Officer application.  Fill out and drop off or mail to:

La Crosse Police Department Reserve Liaison Officer
400 La Crosse Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

For any questions, please contact the La Crosse Police Department Reserve Liaison Officer at (608) 789-7236.

More Information

Mission Statement

The Police Reserve Unit of the La Crosse Police Department is committed to serving the citizens of La Crosse to the best of our ability and to improving the quality of life for all within our community. We will accomplish this mission by working with residents and our members with professionalism, integrity, and accountability. 

Vision Statement

The La Crosse Police Department is committed to sharing the responsibility for a safe community and to creating partnerships that lead to this goal. The partnership created with the Police Reserve Unit is a fine example of the intent of our vision statement.

Membership and Organization

All persons 18 years of age or older, of good moral character, regardless of race, sex, creed, or national origin, are eligible for unit membership.

A La Crosse Police Liaison Officer is responsible for administration and control of the La Crosse Police Reserve Unit. The Unit is comprised of citizens from our area who serve as Reserve Officers. Some of the Reserve Officers also serve as Board Members of the Reserve Unit in positions as Commander, Deputy Commander, Secretary, Quartermaster, and Shift Leader.

Most of the equipment necessary to perform their duties is provided by the Police Department. Some uniform items are purchased by the Reserve members with approval from the Police Liaison Officer and in accordance with Reserve Unit Orders.

The La Crosse Police Department welcomes Reserve Officers who are interested in careers in law enforcement as well as persons who have established careers.