Policies and Practices

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The La Crosse Police Department created this website to show how our policies and practices are consistent with 21st Century Policing recommendations. This site contains information from the La Crosse Police Department General Orders Policy Manual and the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice - Training and Standards Bureau Law Enforcement Certification and Training Curriculum. 


For the last 22 years, the La Crosse Police Department has been accredited through the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG). WILEAG accreditation requires an onsite visit every three years by a team of WILEAG assessors. The onsite visit involves a thorough review of policies that address 207 standards that demonstrate the professional practices of law enforcement agencies.


Our staff is trained in department policies, which are available to the public we serve.

Wisconsin Department of Justice - Training and Standards Bureau

The Wisconsin DOJ - Training and Standards Bureau establishes the recruit academy curriculum and the general training standards for law enforcement officers to maintain certification. We have included the language from their curriculum within this report. Additionally, Training and Standards has developed the Disturbance Resolution model which includes Defense and Arrest Tactics (DAAT). The DAAT "Intervention Options" would be considered the "Use of Force Continuum." It is this curriculum and these trained techniques that La Crosse Police follow for our internal training.


While this report reviews La Crosse Police Department policies in eight areas, we believe that training is key. Our officers undergo training beyond what is required by the state. For example, our agency has worked extensively with our partners outside of law enforcement to provide training in Crisis Intervention, Mental Health First Aid and Fair and Impartial Policing. Each of these curricula help equip our officers with the skills necessary to reduce the chances of using force.

Body Worn Cameras

For the past 20 years, the La Crosse Police Department has equipped all of its patrol squads with mobile video cameras. In 2018, we issued a body worn camera to officers and investigators. By our policy, every official police contact with a citizen is recorded.

The La Crosse Police Department looks forward to working with the public we serve to grow and improve. Through this review process we have shown that our policies and practices are already consistent with the recommendations identified in eight key policy areas. We have also identified areas where we can strengthen our department.

We aim to be leaders who provide a safe and vibrant community. We need your input and action to be successful.

 LCPD Policy Snapshot

8 Key Policy Areas

Chokeholds & Strangleholds
Warning Before Shooting
Exhaust All Alternatives Before Shooting
Duty to Intervene
Shooting at Moving Vehicles
Use-of-Force Continuum
Comprehensive Reporting

Policy Review Conclusion

LCPD Action Plan
Click here for a printable PDF copy of the La Crosse Police Department: Policies and Practices in 21st Century Policing report which includes all of the information detailed on this page.