Rental Properties

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OWNERS/MANAGERS: You are responsible for educating Tenants about refuse and recycling regulations and providing them with carts and literature. If you have a dumpster, you are required to supply them with literature and a recycling container near the dumpster.

TENANTS: Though it is the owner/manager’s responsibility to supply you with refuse and recycling containers and literature, it is your responsibility to get the information you need and dispose of your refuse & recycling correctly. As notified; make sure all refuse is in the cart for collection, recycle items that are recyclable, place carts for collection, return carts to the storage location, and dispose of large items and electronics in the proper manner.

  • If your rental uses dumpsters, contact the owner/manager first with questions.
  • If your rental uses carts, and you feel that you do not have enough space for disposal of your refuse and recycling, contact the owner/manager. Only the property owner can request a cart exchange from the City of La Crosse.

For more information about refuse and recycling guidelines, and large item or electronics disposal, see the tabs at the left of the screen.

City-Service or Private Contractor?

Single and multi-family dwellings with 8 bedrooms or less are city-serviced dwellings. City-serviced dwellings are supplied carts by the City of La Crosse.

Non-city serviced dwellings means a property contains 9 or more bedrooms. Owners and operators of non-city serviced dwellings must provide a dumpster or dumpsters for the deposit of refuse and a separate receptacle for recyclables. Please note that recycling is required by State of Wisconsin Statutes and is enforced.